The Molecular Biology of Marek’s Disease Herpesvirus

  • Meihan Nonoyama
Part of the The Viruses book series (VIRS)


Marek’s disease (MD) is a lymphoproliferative disease in chickens that was originally described by Marek (1907). A herpesvirus was isolated in cell cultures derived from tumors and from peripheral-blood lymphocytes (Churchill and Biggs, 1967; Solomon et al., 1968; Nazerian et al., 1968; Nazerian and Burmester, 1968), which implied that the virus is the causative agent of this disease (Churchill and Biggs, 1968; Witter et al., 1969). Although Marek’s disease virus (MDV) is generally found in the cell-associated form in tissue culture, cell-free virus is produced in the feather follicles of infected birds and released into the air (Calneck et al., 1970; Nazerian and Witter, 1970). Both cell-associated virus in infected cells and cell-free virus, extracted from the feather follicle, Can induce MD tumor in chickens by inoculation.


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