Pharmacokinetic and Therapeutic Studies with Misonidazole and Desmethylmisonidazole in Man

  • Norman M. Bleehen
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 42)


The role of hypoxic cell radiosensitisers in the management of cancer in patients has been the subject of several meetings (1,2) including the present one. This report concerns itself with some clinical studies carried out by the author and his colleagues at Cambridge, England, principally with misonidazole (Ro 07-0582 Roche Laboratories, N.S.C. 261037) and more recently with its O-demethylated metabolite, desmethylmisonidazole (Ro 05-9963, Roche Laboratories, N.S.C. 261036).


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  • Norman M. Bleehen
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  1. 1.University Department and Medical Research Council Unit of Clinical Oncology and RadiotherapeuticsCambridgeEngland

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