Towards the Development of Marketable Products

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The papers that make up this section deal primarily with fermentative pathways familiar to every microbiologist. Yet the individual papers present their subjects from very different points of view. The perspective of basic research, study for the sake of advancing understanding, is certainly well represented in all of the papers. But, to varying degrees, these papers touch on potential applications of the metabolisms being considered. Implicit in Young’s description of alcohol dehydrogenase gene cloning for instance, is the opportunity to manipulate these genes to achieve new approaches to alcohol production. Similarly, Clark’s study of E. coli mutants might serve as a model pointing to industrial applications through the profound analysis of the regulation of fermentative metabolism. The other two contributors, in contrast, explicitly discuss potential practical uses of their organisms and related mutants. Hillman describes the occurrence of lactate dehydrogenase deficient Streptococcus mutans and its potential to colonize the mammalian oral cavity with a consequent decrease in dental caries. Higgins reviews a broad range of cooxidative applications of methanotrophs and their enzymes, including some quite novel attempts to supply reducing power to isolated mixed function oxygenases through electrodes and oxidation-reduction dyes.


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