Anharmonic Properties near Structural Phase Transitions

  • K. Alex Müller
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 77)


In these three lectures an attempt is made to describe, in a certain context, experimental evidence for anharmonic behavior near structural phase transitions (SPT’s): Theoretically, it is expected that systems with lower effective lattice dimensionality and shorter ranges of forces are, near TC, more dominated by correlated fluctuations (in space and time). Thus, intrinsic anharmonic behavior due to such correlated fluctuations is expected to become more pronounced, the lower the effective lattice dimensionality and the shorter the range of forces. The more important experiments on SPT’s carried out in the past decade are discussed in the above context. The manuscript is subdivided into three sections and progresses on the average, from higher to lower dimensionality and from earlier to more recent results.


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