Assessing Carcinogenic Risk Resulting from Complex Mixtures

  • Roy E. Albert
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 22)


The evaluation of carcinogenic risks from complex mixtures, in contrast to pure substances, adds a dimension of uncertainty to a situation already frought with uncertainties and complexities.s. The uncertainties of evaluating complex mixtures are likely to be lost in the overall uncertainties of the risk assessment process. There is considerable controversy about the risk assessment of carcinogenic substances these days. Some liken the assessment of carcinogenic risks to the theater, in that a willing suspension of disbelief is required. To others, like myself, the assessment of carcinogenic risks reflects Mark Twain’s definition of work: “It is something which a body is obliged to do.” I believe that the risk assessment of carcinogens is something that one is obliged to do in a regulatory setting in order to make regulatory judgements in as rational a manner as possible. The responsibility of those doing the risk assessment is to make the most sensible use of current science, paying proper regard to cautioning those who are making the decisions about the uncertainties in the process.


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