Regulation of Membrane Functions

  • Stewart Wolf
  • Allen K. Murray
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DR. L. GLASER: For many years scientists have been interested in the investigation of specific cell adhesion, namely the ability of cells to specifically recognize the presence of other cells and most developmental embryologists believe that such recognition is one of the factors involved in the generation of an orderly arrangement of cells during development (Frazier and Glaser, 1979; Glaser, 1980). Cells contain on their surface a number of ligands which allow these cells to bind to molecules present on the surface of adjacent cells. For example, a number of cells have been shown to contain carbohydrate binding proteins (lectins) which will allow the cell to bind to any other cell which expresses these specific carbohydrates on the cell surface. These cells could also bind to any solid matrix synthesized in the laboratory which contains such ligandson its surface (Schnarr et al., 1978).


Critical Micelle Concentration Schwann Cell Adenylate Cyclase Membrane Function Isobutyric Acid 


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