A General Scheme for Intertheoretic Approximation

  • C. U. Moulines


This essay has a twofold purpose: first, to show that it is possible to introduce, in a natural way, a general structural concept of approximation between conceptually different theories; second, to show its viability by testing it against a particular example of an intertheoretic relationship, namely, the relationship between Kepler’s laws and Newton’s theory of gravitation. It is formally shown that this particular case fits into the general frame for approximation developed in the first part of the essay.


Intended Application Empirical Theory Reductive Approximation Rigid Body Mechanic Approximative Reduction 


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  • C. U. Moulines
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  1. 1.Instituto de Investigaciones FilosóficasCiudad UniversitariaMexico 20 D. F.

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