The Nutri-Pak

Experience with an Indigenous Supplementary Feeding Intervention in the Philippines
  • George H. Ropes


The subject of this paper is the Philippine nutrition intervention known as Nutri-Pak, but it is impossible to discuss Nutri-Pak without describing the context within which it was developed. I shall therefore preface my discussion of Nutri-Pak with some comments on the Philippine Nutrition Program (PNP), which is the programmatic expression of two entities: the National Nutrition Council (NNC), and the Nutrition Center of the Philippines (NCP). The former is a public body composed of the heads of more than a dozen ministries and professional organizations, responsible for formulating nutrition policy and coordinating implementation of all government nutrition activity. The latter, a private sector counterpart of the NNC, plays a supporting role. Both bodies were established in mid-1974, the NNC by President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the NCP by the First Lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos. Such high-level political support for nutrition makes the Philippines something of a rarity.


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