Hormonal Control of Calcium Fluxes in Rat Liver

  • Fyfe L. Bygrave
  • Peter H. Reinhart
  • Wayne M. Taylor


The physiological responses of a number of hormones in a range of tissues are closely associated with the redistribution of intracellular Ca“. This redistribution appears to involve changes in the rate of Ca’ transport in subcellular organelles known to contain appreciable ”pools“ of Ca” (Claret-Berthon et al.,1977) and may result in an alteration in either the cytoplasmic or the intraorganellar Cat+ concentration. As most mammalian cell types contain many Ca2+-dependent reactions (Carafoli and Crompton, 1978), the hormonal regulation of Ca2+ transport activity in subcellular organelles may have an important role in mediating the responses to the hormones. Following a brief account of current information about mitochondrial and microsomal Ca2+ transport activities, this review proceeds to consider our understanding of how a-adrenergic agonists and glucagon may regulate these activities and examines the possible role this regulation may play in mediating cellular hormone responses. The discussion is purposely confined to a consideration of liver tissue only.


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  • Fyfe L. Bygrave
    • 1
  • Peter H. Reinhart
    • 1
  • Wayne M. Taylor
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of ScienceThe Australian National UniversityCanberraAustralia

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