Active Calcium Transport in Human Red Blood Cells

  • H. J. Schatzmann


Human red blood cells are able to extrude Ca2+ across the plasma membrane against a gradient of 103 to 104 by a pump mechanism that directly depends on ATP hydrolysis and requires Mg2+ inside the cell. The Ca pump has also been found in red cells of dogs, pigs, cattle, and birds. The interest in this entity is justified by the discovery of a similar (or perhaps even identical) system in many, more highly organized cells such as nerve (Di Polo, 1978; Di Polo and Beaugé, 1979; Beaugé et al., 1981), cardiac muscle (Trumble et al., 1980; Caroni and Carafoli, 1980), kidney tubule (Gmaj et al., 1979), liver (van Rossum, 1970), and L cells (Lamb and Lindsay, 1971).


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