Active and Passive Cation Transport and Its Association with Membrane Antigens in Sheep Erythrocytes

Developments and Trends
  • Peter K. Lauf


Erythrocyte membrane transport physiology, in part, owes its recent advance to research on cation polymorphic erythrocytes of ruminants. Investigations on the genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and immunology of these cells, as reported up to 1978, have been extensively reviewed by Tucker (1971), Lauf (1975, 1978a,b), and Ellory (1977). The purpose of this article is to briefly update and summarize the present state of the art, drawing particular attention to recent investigations on the nature of the M antigen, on a C1-activated passive K+ permeability, and on transport changes accompanying the development of the cation polymorphism in the adult erythrocytes of sheep.


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