Orientations of the Mitochondrial Redox Components

  • Maria Erecińska


Transfer of electrons in mitochondrial and photosynthetic systems occurs with a high degree of specificity and with velocities that, in some cases, exceed the limits of diffusion-controlled reactions. It has been speculated, therefore, that functional integrity of electron transport may require precise orientation of the redox components both within the supporting membrane and with respect to one another. The importance of this structural relationship was recognized about a decade ago in photosynthesis, and orientations of chromophores in both chromatophores and chloroplasts have been investigated by a number of laboratories (see e.g. Geacintov et al., 1972, 1974; Breton et al., 1973; Junge and Eckhof, 1974; Junge et al., 1977; Paillotin and Breton, 1977; Paillotin et al.,1979; Vermeglio and Clayton, 1976).


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