NMR in the Study of Membranes

  • Oleg Jardetzky


The use of NMR for the study of membranes was introduced by Chapman and Salsbury (1966). Over the past decade several hundred reports of observations of 1H, 2H, 13C, 19F, and 31P spectra on phospholipid vesicles and several natural membranes have appeared. The majority of these have addressed various aspects of the problems of order, orientation, mobility, and lateral diffusion in phospholipid bilayers and multilayers. Others have dealt with the conformations of the polar head groups of phospholipids, transmembrane exchange (flip-flop) between the two layers, interactions of small molecules—notably cholesterol—and local anesthetics with both model and natural membranes, and function of ion channels in reconstituted membranes, the fusion of phospholipid bilayers catalyzed by peptides and proteins, and the nature of protein-lipid interactions.


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