Attachment Research and Mental Health

A Speculation
  • Nicholas J. Anastasiow
Part of the Topics in Developmental Psychobiology book series (TDP)


The research questions dealt with in this volume can be grouped into several areas of speculation, which, although generally related on a continuum of infant development, tap into quite diverse issues. Vernadakis and Timiras look at neural growth and the influence of hormones on brain development; they are willing to make the largest inference as to the impact of environmental experiences, or their lack, on the developing brain. Another major portion of the volume contains chapters examining the nature of the influence of the caretaking environment on the development of attachment systems (Gaensbauer & Harmon, Chapter 17; Konner, Chapter 12; Morgan, Busch-Rossnagel, Culp, Vance, & Fritz, Chapter 16; Sander, Chappell, & Snyder, Chapter 11).


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