Effect of Neuroleptics on Pituitary Function in Man

  • Samarthji Lal
  • Ram B. Rastogi


Soon after the introduction of neuroleptics (major tranquillizers; antischizophrenic agents) into the treatment of psychiatric disorders there appeared reports of side effects consisting of galactorrhea (Gide and Heinrich, 1955; Winnik and Tennenbaum, 1955) and menstrual disorders (Polishuk and Kulcsar, 1956). It was natural, then, that interest should be stimulated in the study of the effects of neuroleptics on endocrine function. One of the early monographs on this topic in animals and man appeared in 1967 (de Wied, 1967). Since that time it has become established that neuroleptics block dopamine receptors and in this way increase prolactin (PRL) secretion. The effect of neuroleptics on other pituitary hormones is less clearly defined, and the precise way in which they induce various endocrine pathologies remains unclear.


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