Behavioural Modulation by Systemic Administration of Enkephalins and Endorphins

  • Richard D. Olson
  • Abba J. Kastin
  • Gayle A. Olson
  • David H. Coy


After the discovery of opiate receptors in the brain by Goldstein et al. (1971), Pert and Snyder (1973), Simon et al. (1973) and Terenius (1973), and the subsequent identification of endogenous opiates by Hughes et al. (1975) and Terenius and Wahlstrom (1975a, b), several groups began to examine the role of these peptides in modulating behaviour. Initially, Jacquet and Marks (1976) and Bloom et al. (1976) noticed that the central administration of brain opiates resulted in profound analgesic and muscular effects. However, subsequent attempts to replicate these findings with systemic injections (Kosterlitz and Hughes, 1977) were not successful, thus restricting interest to effects of centrally administered opiates and their analogs.


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  • Richard D. Olson
  • Abba J. Kastin
  • Gayle A. Olson
  • David H. Coy

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