Alteration in Brain Receptors in Affective Disorders

  • Michael S. Briley


Affective disorders are defined by their human symptoms. These symptoms, which are based on subtle behavioural and perceptual changes, are very difficult, if not impossible, to transfer to animals. How, for example, is one to recognise a depressed mouse or an anxious rat? In comparison with disorders which have a simple organic manifestation, such as hypertension, the establishment of an animal model for an affective disorder is extremely difficult. For this reason there are as yet no general screening tests for drugs active in affective disorders. The tests currently used are based on a single aspect of the drugs successful in the treatment of the depression. For instance, the inhibition of reserpine ptosis in the rat is widely used as a test for potential antidepressant activity. This test selects simply for drugs with a direct or indirect noradrenergic-agonist activity, which is a property of many, but certainly not all, clinically effective antidepressant drugs.


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