Behavioural Studies with Lithium in Rats: Implications for Animal Models of Mania and Depression

  • Philip E. Harrison-Read


The use of lithium salts in psychiatry has revolutionized the management of manic-depressive disorders (Fieve, 1977). Lithium is effective in normalizing rather than suppressing behavioural and emotional disturbances in three out of four cases of mania, and it may be helpful in some cases of depression as well (Schou, 1968; Shopsin et al., 1979). Most interesting of all is the proven ability of maintenance lithium therapy to reduce the severity and frequency of both manic and depressive episodes (Schou, 1968; Fieve, 1977). These therapeutic properties offer an exciting challenge for research, because knowledge of the way in which lithium works is likely to throw light on the nature and causes of manic-depressive disorders.


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