Neuropeptide Influences on the Central Nervous System: A Psychobiological Perspective

  • Curt A. Sandman
  • Abba J. Kastin
  • Andrew V. Schally


The pituitary gland is a small organ (weighing about 60 mg in a human adult male and slightly more in an adult female) which is located at the base of the brain immediately below the hypothalamus. It is divided into three basic regions: the anterior lobe, the intermediate lobe and the posterior lobe. Each region secretes a different group of polypeptide hormones, which has specific physiological significance for the biological integrity of essential organismic functions. Many of the effects occur at a distance from the pituitary and appear to energize other organs of the endocrine system, hence the name tropic hormones. This regulatory capacity of the pituitary hormones led early investigators to refer to the pituitary as the master gland (Lewin, 1972).


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  • Abba J. Kastin
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