The Analysis of Polydisperse Scattering Data

  • E. R. Pike
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 73)


There will be no need at this school for a lengthy introduction to the problem outlined in my title. It is well-known that light scattering from a suspension of macromolecules undergoing Brownian motion can be used to gain information about their size and shape. In particular, for spherical monodisperse particles the normalised “self-beat” photon correlation function, g(2)(τ), of the scattered light has the simple exponential form
$${g^{\left( 2 \right)}}\left( \tau \right) = 1 + C{\left| {{g^{\left( 1 \right)}}\left( \tau \right)} \right|^2} = 1 + C{e^{ - 2{D_T}{K^2}\tau }}$$
where K is the scattering wave vector, C is an experimental constant, g(1)(τ) is the first-order correlation function (the Fourier transform of the optical spectrum) and DT is the linear translational diffusion coefficient, related to the particle radius, a, by the Stokes-Einstein relation
$$ {\text{D = }}\frac{{{\text{kT}}}}{{{\text{6}}\pi \eta {\text{a}}}} $$
η is the kinematic viscosity of the medium, T the temperature and k, Boltzmann’s constant.


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