The Change in the Hydrodynamic Radius of Polystyrene Around the Theta Temperature

  • David Caroline
  • Michael J. Pritchard
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 73)


A descriptive feature of the scaling-law approach to polymers, as pioneered and developed by de Gennes,1 is the subchain or ‘blob’ model of the polymer coil. The polymer chain is notionally divided into sections or blobs within which there is considered to be no excluded-volume interaction, thus making the configuration of the section Gaussian. Interactions take place between blobs giving rise to coil expansion (or contraction) for sufficiently long chains. The length of chain forming a blob increases as the theta point is approached, and becomes infinite there.


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  • David Caroline
    • 1
  • Michael J. Pritchard
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Physical and Molecular SciencesUniversity College of North WalesBangor, GwyneddUK

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