Vibrations Measured at Metal Surfaces by EELS : A Review Table

  • P. Thiry


Although there has been, in high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) a great interest in semiconductors and ionic solids during the early seventiesl, and again recently2,3,4, most of the experiments reported on this technique have been performed on metals. In this paper, we have reviewed the experimental observations of extrinsic phonons (adsorbate vibrations) as well as intrinsic phonons (surface vibrations) that have been made on metallic surfaces by EELS. Table I gives a systematic overview and proceeds from a “geographical” point of view. The figures therein refer to the different research laboratories where the experiment has been performed and published. These figures are listed in Table II. For each metal studied, we have tabulated in Table III the adsorbed gases, and the corresponding publications are given thereafter in chronological order. This review is intended to be updated up to october 1980. A similar work, by H. Weinberg, has already been done up to april 1980 5.


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