Neutron Activation

  • Vincent Schultz
  • F. Ward Whicker


Activation analysis has become an important technique for the environmental biologist as well as for others. By means of bombardment with neutrons, high-energy photons, or charged particles, stable elements can be transformed to radionuclides. These radionuclides can be measured relatively easily, and the results can be interpreted in terms of the type and quantity of stable elements present in the sample of interest. Although several types of bombardment may be used to transform stable elements to radionuclides, slow neutrons are usually employed. Details concerning the procedure are described in many sources (e.g., Schulze, 1969; Hendee, 1973b). In addition, publications of direct interest to the environmental scientist are fairly numerous (Leddicotte, 1969; Byrne et al., 1971; Pillay and Thomas, 1971; Filby and Shah, 1974).


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