Alcoholism and Sociopathy

  • Joel Solomon
  • Meredith Hanson


The relationship between alcoholism or alcohol abuse and sociopathy is more difficult to unravel than most other psychiatric diagnoses. The degree of overlap between the two conditions is remarkable, for many persons diagnosed as sociopaths engage in excessive drinking and many alcohol abusers also exhibit antisocial behavior patterns. The associations between alcohol consumption and aggressive behavior,1–5 criminal activity, 6–9 violent death,10,11 and the family incidence of sociopathy12–14 have been studied widely. Yet, conceptual and diagnostic confusion about the conditions persists.


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  • Meredith Hanson
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  1. 1.Division of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Department of PsychiatryState University of New York, Downstate Medical CenterBrooklynUSA
  2. 2.Division of AlcoholismState University of New York, Downstate Medical CenterBrooklynUSA

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