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Energy Alternatives

  • John Gribbin


In 1977, a UK Cabinet Office publication concluded that long-term energy supplies for Britain were not a problem (largely because of the assumed introduction of nuclear fast-breeder reactors) but that food supplies were likely to cause difficulties. We have already seen that both in the UK and the whole world there need not be any immediate difficulties of food supply; in this chapter we shall discover that the problems of energy requirements are, on the other hand, much greater than suggested in that and other official publications. For many years, and in spite of the ‘oil crisis’ of the early 1970s, the prophets of gloom have been barking up the wrong tree, and official forecasters with them. Misguided breast-beating about the food ‘problem’ has diverted attention from the much more real energy ‘problem’ — a problem which, however, can still be solved within the framework of our desired high growth/ more equal world.


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