The Survival of EK1 and EK2 Systems in Sewage Treatment Plant Models

  • Bernard P. Sagik
  • Charles A. Sorber
  • Barbara E. Moore


In March 1977 the National Academy of Sciences (USA) convened a Forum on Research with Recombinant DNA. It was clear to participants that this potentially was an opportunity to affect national science policy. In trying to assess the benefits and risks inherent in recombinant DNA technology, some argued the risks were not different than any in the microbiology laboratory; others warned that such research was the first step towards the manipulation of human genetics, that it could contaminate the biosphere irrevocably.


Anaerobic Digestion Total Coliform Secondary Treatment Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid Plasmid Transfer 
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  • Bernard P. Sagik
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  • Charles A. Sorber
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  • Barbara E. Moore
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