Construction and Properties of Plasmid Vectors Containing the trp Regulatory Region Suitable for Expressing Foreign Genes

  • Robert A. Hallewell
  • Howard M. Goodman


The E. coli tryptophan (trp) operon consists of a regulatory region foIldwid by five structural genes (trpE through trpA)1,2. The trp structural gene products, Which are co-ordinately synthesized in equimolar amounts, catalyze the conversion of chorismate to tryptophan1,3. Transcription of the operon is repressed by tryptophan by two mechanisms. Tryptophan binds trp repressor (trpR) resulting in an increase in the affinity of the repressor for the trp operator4. Since the trp operator sequence overlaps the trp promoter sequence (see Fig. 1) binding of repressor prevents binding of RNA polymerase. Secondly, in the presence of tryptophan about 90% of the RNA polymerase molecules which are able to initiate, terminate transcription about 140 base pairs (bp) frcm the transcription start (see Fig. 1). The ability of the transcription terminator to function is determined by the level of tryptophanyl tRNA9.


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