Plasmid Mobilization as a Tool for in Vivo Genetic Engineering

  • J. Leemans
  • D. Inzé
  • R. Villarroel
  • G. Engler
  • J. P. Hernalsteens
  • M. De Block
  • M. Van Montagu


Mutagenesis through the insertion of transposons has proved to be an invaluable technique for mapping the genes of complex plasmids1. No selection for a mutant phenotype has to be devised, but a straightforward selection for the antibiotic resistance markers, encoded by the transposon, is sufficient to identify the presence of a mutant plasmid.


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  • R. Villarroel
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  • G. Engler
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  • J. P. Hernalsteens
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  • M. De Block
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  • M. Van Montagu
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