Genetic Organization and Expression of Non-Conjugative Plasmids

  • H. John
  • J. Nijkamp
  • Eduard Veltkamp


Non-conjugative plasmids are plasmids that are not able to transfer themselves to other cells without the help of a conjugative system provided by the large, so-called conjugative plasmids. Non-conjugative plasmids are small plasmids. Their M.W. generally does not exceed 10 Megadaltons. Furthermore, they are multicopy plasmids; that means that they are usually present to the extend of 10-20 copies per chromosome. As all other small DNA molecules, the non-conjugative plasmids are very attractive for basic research. Over the past ten years studies on plasmids were focused on basic questions dealing with gene-function, gene-organisation, gene-expression, mechanism and control of replication, and plasmid mobilisation. And, ever since it became apparent that plasmids are a very useful tool in genetic engineering also a lot of work has been done on the construction of appropriate vector molecules.


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  • H. John
    • 1
  • J. Nijkamp
    • 1
  • Eduard Veltkamp
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of GeneticsBiological Laboratory De BoelelaanAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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