Conjugation and Resistance Transfer in Streptococci and Other Gram Positive Species: Plasmids, Sex Pheromones and “Conjugative Transposons” (A Review)

  • Don B. Clewell


Until recently, information on the nature of conjugation and related gene transfer in Gram positive bacteria has been relatively scarce. Although conjugation among the actinomycetes has been known for many years,1,2 fertility plasmids have, so far, been recognized in only a single strain of a single species in this group. Strepto-myces coelicolor strain A3(2) harbors two conjugative plasmids, SCP1 and SCP23-5; and whereas SCP2 has been isolated and characterized5,6, efforts to isolate SCP1 have been unsuccessful. The latter determines the synthesis of the antibiotic methylenomyein7 and, when integrated into the bacterial chromosome, will mobilize chromosomal segments to SCP1 strains with almost 100 percent efficiency8.


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