Preparation of Thick, Uniform Foils for Range and Range Straggle Measurements

  • J. M. Anthony


Thick, uniform targets were needed for part of a study of the range and range straggle of energetic (E ≥ 1 MeV/amu) heavy ions. This paper will discuss a method for producing these targets by vacuum evaporation, with a geometry chosen to yield highly uniform targets. Thickness is determined by weighing, and uniformity is measured by comparing the energy loss of alpha particles through different portions of the target. Cu, Ag, and Pb targets have been prepared, with thicknesses up to 9 microns (~ 10 mg/cm2) and uniformities ≤ ± 1%.


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  • J. M. Anthony
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  1. 1.A. W. Wright Nuclear Structure LaboratoryYale UniversityNew HavenUSA

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