A New Woody Plant Which Fixes Nitrogen: Chamaebatia Foliolosa (Rosaceae)

  • Rod M. Heisey
  • C. C. Delwiche


Root nodules, and presumably nitrogen fixation, occur in at least 18 genera of nine angiosperm families outside of the Leguminosae (Bond, 1976; Akkermans and Houwers, 1979; Righetti and Munns, 1980). Nearly all the nodulated non-legumes are woody shrubs or trees. Except for one genus in the Ulmaceae (Akkermans et al., 1978), which is nodulated by Rhizobium (Trinick, 1973), all the other such species whose endophytes have been investigated are thought to be nodulated by actinomycetes (Akkermans and Houwers, 1979).


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  • C. C. Delwiche
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