Photosynthetic Enzyme Regulation by the Ferredoxin/Thioredoxin and the Ferralterin Mechanisms

  • Bob B. Buchanan


One type of covalent enzyme modification that has been used in studies on the structure and mechanism of action of enzymes is a change in the oxidation state of a “nonprosthetic” part of the protein, such as a sulfhydryl group. Limited attention has been given to the idea that oxidation-reduction changes may be used to regulate the activation of enzymes in a manner analogous to other types of reversible covalent modification, such as phosphorylation-dephosphorylation and adenylation-deadenylation. We summarize in this report evidence that enzyme regulation due to a reversible oxidation-reduction change is a process fundamental to photosyn-thetic and perhaps to other types of living cells. In this article we will first describe work from our own laboratory that led to the finding of a redox-based regulatory mechanism in photosynthesis; we will then relate these findings to other mechanisms of light-dependent enzyme regulation in chloroplasts, including the recently found ferralterin mechanism.


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