Inelastic Electron Scattering at Low Momentum Transfer and Nuclear Structure

  • Achim Richter
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 67)


In these two lectures, I shall describe how inelastic electron scattering can be used to study rather elementary problems of nuclear structure which in part may have some far-reaching consequences on fundamental questions of mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclear physics. Because of the limited time available and for pedagogical reasons (I have been told explicitely by the organizers of this school to lecture for young graduate students in nuclear physics) I confine myself to (e,e′) on nuclei at low momentum transfer. This means that we will discuss electric and magnetic transitions of low multipolarity (λ = 1 and 2) in light and heavy nuclei. I will illustrate this subject by a few selected examples of some very recent work at the Darmstadt electron linear accelerator (DALINAC). The formalism and also often even the physics problems are basically the same in electron scattering at higher energies where nuclear transitions of high multipolarity are studied. Therefore we loose little by staying in the realm of (e,e′) at low momentum transfer but gain by its conceptional simplicity and direct connection to problems of nuclear structure. In all nuclear structure aspects we will rely on the shell model to be discussed by Joe McGrory1 at this school.


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