Giant Resonances

  • A. van der Woude
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 67)


Giant resonances are highly collective normal modes of nuclear excitation. A very schematic picture based on the liquid drop model is given in figure 1 for the lowest multipoles. Here the nuclear matter is thought to consider out of 4 components: protons, neutrons, particles with spin-up and particles with spindown. Oscillations in which protons and neutrons move in phase are the isoscalar resonances, if they move out of phase we have the isovector resonances. In the electric resonances particles with spin up and down move in phase while in the magnetic resonances they move out of phase. In these lecture notes the emphasis will be on electric isoscalar resonances but a short summary of the isovector resonances will be included. The magnetic resonances will not be discussed at all, although a lot of interesting work, experimentally as well as theoretically, has recently been done on this subject |1|.


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