Origin of Anomalous Behavior in Transducers Used in Acoustical Imaging

  • B. Delannoy
  • C. Bruneel
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 10)


Good design of the transducer arrays frequently used in acoustic imaging devices like those reported by a number of authors(1–8) is of major importance for obtaining good images after reconstruction. This proves even more crucial if one tries to get very good resolution, with a correspondingly small spatial period, say of the order of one acoustic wavelength, of the array. The major drawback of the coupling which then arises between neighbouring transducers is a narrowing of their radiation pattern. This leads in turn to a decrease of their angular aperture together with a degradation of the lateral spatial resolution of the image, or a narrowing of the scanning angle in sector scan devices like those designed by some authors (9–10).


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  • C. Bruneel
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