An Accelerator Design Study

  • R. R. Wilson
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 66)


A highlight of the St. Croix ASI was the discussion on accelerator design introduced and led by R. R. Wilson. The topic chosen was an injector for a 10 to 20 GeV electron/positron storage ring which might be built at the Nevis Laboratory of Columbia University and subsequently transferred to Fermilab or Brookhaven for e-p colliding beam physics. The aim was not so much to design a machine as to toss around various possible schemes. Working only with blackboard, chalk, and inspiration, the schemes were evaluated partly as an exercise to illustrate the many political, financial, scientific, technological, and human elements that enter into a design study for a new accelerator, and partly because it is in this sort of brainstorming situation that new ideas often arise.


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