Kapitza Conductance of Solid-Liquid He Interfaces

  • A. F. G. Wyatt
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 65)


The Kapitza conductance problem is concerned with phonon transmission between solids and light atoms in both directions through the interface. The heat transfer across solid-solid interfaces is covered by Anderson in chapter 1. The magnitudes of the conduction between different solids can be well understood in terms of classical elasticity however when 3He, 4He, H2 or D2 is one of the materials the heat transfer is much greater than that predicted by classical theory. We shall tend to concentrate on 4He as there is more information available for this material than the others. We shall see that classical transmission does occur with liquid 4He but that there is another channel in parallel with it which carries most of the heat for temperatures ≳0.05K. Although many of the characteristics of this non-classical channel have been measured the microscopic process still remains a mystery. The subject has been reviewed by Pollack (1969) Snyder (1970) Challis (1974, 1975) Anderson (1976) Kinder et al. (1979) and Wyatt (1979).


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