Collective Modes of The Superconducting Order Parameter

  • A. M. Goldman
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A new propagating collective mode with an acoustic dispersion relation was detected in dirty superconductors near Tc by Carlson and Goldman (1973, 1975, 1976). Such a mode was later obtained theoretically in the dirty-limit by Schmid and Schön (1975) and in the clean-limit by Artemenko and Volkov (1975). The possibility of a collective mode in superconductors was first considered shortly after the BCS theory was developed. Bogoliubov (1959) and Anderson (1958) found weakly damped oscillations of the order-parameter phase with an acoustic dispersion relation in the case of an uncharged superconductor, a result consistent with nonrelativistic generalizations of the Goldstone theorem which imply the existence of such a mode as a consequence of the gauge symmetry breaking at the superconducting phase transition (Wagner, 1966).


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