Cytomorphological Alterations in the Aging Animal Brain with Emphasis on Golgi Studies

  • Ronald Mervis


Neurons in the aging brains of animals such as rodents, dogs, and monkeys share some common morphological alterations at both the light and the electron microscopic levels. Some of the alterations in the aged animal brains are, in fact, comparable to changes seen both in the normal aged, i.e., nondemented, human brain as well as (although to a more limited extent) in the brains of people diagnosed as having dementia of the Alzheimer type. A major reason for studying aging animal brains is to help define a model of the aging central nervous system that can serve to delineate the important features of the “normal” aging process in man. More indirectly, research of this type may also lead to a greater understanding of the pathogenesis of senile brain disease.


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