The Phenotypic Expression of Rabbit Immunoglobulins: A Model of Complex Regulated Gene Expression and Cellular Differentiation

  • Rose Mage


Since the discovery of rabbit allotypes (Oudin, l956a,b; Dray and Young, 1958; Dubiski et al., 1959), a considerable amount of genetic and chemical information about the immunoglobulins of the rabbit has accumulated [see, for example, reviews by Mage et al., 1973; Kindt, 1975; and Ann. Immunol. (Paris) 130C, No. 2, a special issue entitled “Jacques Oudin et les Concepts d’Allotypie des Immunoglobulines et d’Idiotypie des Anticorps,” 1979].


Light Chain Heavy Chain Constant Region Allelic Imbalance Kappa Light Chain 
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