Introduction to Laser Light Scattering Spectroscopy in Electrophoresis

  • E. E. Uzgiris
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 64)


The measurement of electrophoretic mobilities by light scattering spectroscopy relies on the detection of small frequency shifts of light scattered from the objects that are migrating in an electric field.1–4 Even though the velocities involved may be quite small, perhaps l0μm/sec to 100μm/sec, and the frequencies shifts may be only a few tens of cycles per second, the use of rather straightforward optical heterodyne techniques readily allows detection of such small shifts. The difficult problems associated with laser Doppler electrophoresis are: the application of an electric field without causing spectral degradation due to heating, electrode bubbling, or electrode reactions; and the design of a suitable chamber that prevents such degradation and is itself free from systematic velocity offsets due to the phenomena of electroosmosis.3,5


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