Effects of Acoustic Deprivation on Morphological Parameters of Development of Auditory Neurons in Rat

  • J. Coleman


Acoustical experience, along with predetermined maturation processes, appears to participate in the development of neurons of the central auditory pathway. In cat, physiological investigations have demonstrated a decrease in neural response latency with maturation (Aitkin and Moore, 1975; Romand and Marty, 1975). Sound deprivation during development was reported to produce changes in binaural interactions and latencies of neurons in the rat inferior colliculus (Silverman and Clopton, 1977; Clopton and Silverman, 1978). Morphological investigations in mice (Webster and Webster, 1977, 1979) and rats (Coleman and O’Connor, 1979) have further shown that sound attenuation during early development leads to reduction in cell size of central auditory neurons. The present investigation was aimed at morphological parameters of normal development and the effects of one form of acoustical deprivation during infancy.


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