Nonlinear Optical Properties and Fluorescence Quenching in NdGd-Borate Laser Crystals


Recently grown rare earth borate laser crystals (e.g. NdA13(BO3)4) show second harmonic generation (SHG) comparable to that of LiNbO3. The SHG efficiency is reduced at higher Nd3+ concentrations In NdxGd1−xA13(BO3)4 crystals. Variation of the Nd3+ concentration results in a change of the fluorescence lifetime τ for NdxGd1−xAl3(BO3)4 between τ = 48 ± 3 μsec (x = 0,01) and T = 19 ± 1 μsec (x = 1) due to concentration quenching. These nonlinear optical materials are able to form a SHG laser.


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