Review of Estimates of Algal Growth Using 14C Tracer Techniques

  • Edward J. Carpenter
  • John S. Lively
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 19)


This review is an assessment of the state of the art of measuring production of marine phytoplankton. Recently there have been several reviews on this subject. Carpenter and Esaias (1) expanded on the procedures given by Strickland and Parsons (2) for using the 14C light-dark bottle method. Peterson (3) discussed the development of the 14C method from the early 1950’s to recent times. Our review discusses potential biases in using the 14C technique and provides recommendations for its proper use. This review is not exhaustive, since by now many of the potential sources of error are well-known (e.g., protection of samples from light shock or use of a non-toxic sampler). We have attempted to concentrate on recent developments. Also, we have endeavored to omit material, such as the excellent discussion of effects of photorespiration and photoinhibition, already covered in Peterson’s (3) review.


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  • Edward J. Carpenter
    • 1
  • John S. Lively
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  1. 1.Marine Sciences Research CenterState University of New YorkStony BrookUSA

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