Phytoplankton Growth in the Sea

A Coalescence of Disciplines
  • Charles S. Yentsch
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In other discussions I have expressed the opinion that the introduction of the experimental approach, an approach that uses the techniques derived largely from biochemistry and microbiology, has not greatly changed our thinking on how numbers of phytoplankton are regulated in time and space. If on the other hand I were allowed to make judgement as to the significancc of the experimental approach I would unqualifyingly place it in the number one spot for adding new information on the cellular metabolism of phytoplankton. Is this not contradictory? I think not; how could or why should one approach alone be expected to solve a very complex problem of growth in the sea? The present discussion will explore, in a limited historical sense, the emergence of the modern experimental approach, how it has helped shape our thinking, and finally where it is coalescing with other disciplines to develop a sound theory of phytoplankton growth. But first let us examine the disciplines on which studies of ocean plankton biology depend.


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