Experimental Analysis of Hormone Actions on the Hypothalamus, Anterior Pituitary, and Ovary

  • Harvey H. Feder


The history of efforts to understand the factors that regulate cyclic gonadal function actually starts with research on a somewhat different problem. In the early 1900s, investigators such as Steinach (reviewed in Moore and Price, 1932) were interested in the problem of organ transplantation. Steinach attempted to transplant testes into intact female rats and ovaries into intact male rats. These transplants invariably failed to become functional or “take.” However, when the host animal was gonadectomized, transplantation of the heterologous gonad was said to be more successful. Somewhat later, Lipschütz (1925) transplanted ovaries into intact male guinea pigs. He stated that the time required to stimulate male mammary growth was much greater than when the graft was made in castrated males. Furthermore, ovarian grafts that failed to “take” (in terms of stimulating mammary gland growth) did so almost immediately when the male’s testes were removed. Lipschütz derived the idea that removal of the testes led to an “unbolting” of ovarian function.


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