Future Uses for Anodic Protection

  • Olen L. RiggsJr.
  • Carl E. Locke
  • Norman E. Hamner


When one attempts to project or predict anything in the future, it is much like sailing an uncharted voyage having informed the passengers of the high points which are anticipated prior to embarkation. This chapter is not too much different. However, if predictions are to be made, one trusts that some reasonable possibility exists for the events to occur. The possibility for occurrence becomes greater if the prediction is based on logic. Some of the conclusions on the following pages may seem impossible, or at best, ridiculous, but they do approach the realm of probability. Other information of practical merit will be sufficient or interesting that it will challenge the reader to examine “nontypical” systems for anodic protection applications. These objectives are consistent with the aim of this book to promote a wider use of anodic protection for the prevention of corrosion.


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  • Carl E. Locke
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  • Norman E. Hamner
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  2. 2.University of OklahomaNormanUSA

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