Ultrasonic and X-Ray Radiographic Inspection and Characterization of Defects in Gr/Aℓ Composites

  • T. Romano
  • L. Raymond
  • L. Davis


Ultrasonics and X-ray radiographic nondestructive inspection techniques have been evaluated and compared with the ultimate goal of developing quality assurance procedures for use in the manufacture of basic structural shapes of Graphite/Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites. To achieve this end, Gr/Aℓ wire, basic panel, structural shapes and stringer stiffened panels were nondestructively inspected, tested, and the defects microstructurally characterized. Flaw indications observed in X-ray radiographic and ultrasonic inspections were interpreted by metallographic examination. The Defect-Property Sensitivity Analysis (DPSA) program is a continuing effort directed at a more rigorous definition of test variables. (Refs. 1 through 4).


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  • T. Romano
    • 1
  • L. Raymond
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  • L. Davis
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  1. 1.Nevada Engineering and Technology Corp. (NETCO)Long BeachUSA

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