Interface Problems

  • D. W. Murphy
  • J. Broadhead
  • B. C. H. Steele
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 2)


All electrochemical systems involve the transport of charge and matter across interfaces. These same interfaces are also often responsible for limiting the performance and capacity of secondary battery systems. The great variety of interfaces found in batteries has been used as a basis for classifying existing and new batteries (Study Group I: Current Status and New Systems) and different electrode reactions can be arranged according to the type of interfacial process (Study Group IV: Electrode Materials). However the details of particular interfacial reactions are usually specific to that system and generalisations are both difficult to compose and probably not very useful. The useful introductory paper by F.G. Will (Interphase Phenomena in Advanced Batteries) emphasised this conclusion and it was considered more appropriate therefore in this report to prepare in tabular form a list of those interfacial processes that are believed to limit the performance of a selection of existing and advanced battery systems. These interfacial processes are classified under the headings, passivation, corrosion, structure/morphology, miscellaneous, and are accompanied by recommendations for future research. Further remarks on the different battery systems are contained in section 3. In addition to the expertise available at the NATO ADVANCED BATTERY meeting a number of recent publications (1) were consulted to determine the current status of different systems.


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  • J. Broadhead
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  • B. C. H. Steele
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  2. 2.Imperial CollegeLondonUK

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